The Global Elite/
The House of Rothschild/
International Jewish
Terrorist Network

"We need to take away the foundation for terrorism,
and establish barriers to its activites and its spread"

-Javier Solano-EU High Commissioner

  1. Anti-Christ will be Jew
  2. House of Rothschild/ Head of Snake/Ardent Zionist
  3. Terrorism in Israel/War on TERROR- USA/EU/Israel
  4. Using FEAR to procure billions into US/EU military-industrial-intelligence National Security State complex to protect International Jewish Corporate Empire from the Masses of the peoples on the planet
  5. US/British/Israeli Axis of Evil

The Rothschild Empire is today the richest, most powerful, most influential temporal force on the planet.

Based primarily in London, UK, it has amassed untold TRILLIONS in wealth over the past 3 centuries to become the prime mover and shaker in international political and financial affairs.

The House of Rothschild is ardently jewish and staunchly pro-zionist in its religious disposition and affairs. As of the year 2000, they have decided to engage and promulgate "international terrorism" to catalyze and 'fast track' their ultimate quest and goal for a One World Government based in the European Union.

Rothschild interests not only control the United States of America directly through the US Federal Reserve, they also control (and weild) the most lethal military fighting force in the world today: the US military. This International Jewish Terrorist Empire fights by proxy, that is, they get others to fight, kill and die for them, in this case, deluded and deceived Americans.

There exists a US/British/Israeli Axis of Evil that is reeking absolute havoc upon our world today, committing acts of military, economic and environmental terrorism, exploitation and destruction on an unprecedented scale all over the world, leaving only death, ruin, chaos and vengence in its wake.

The Rothschilds operate out of the financial district in the heart of London, England; known as 'the City'. All major British banks have their main offices there, along with branch offices for nearly 400 foreign banks, including at least 70 from the United States. Within 'the City' exists the Bank of England, the London Stock Exchange, Lloyd's of London, Fleet Street (home of international publishing and media/newspaper interests), the London Commodity Exchange and the London Metal Exchange. It is literally the financial hub of the world...

Covering an area of 677 acres or one square mile (known as the wealthiest square mile on Earth), the City is ruled by a Lord Mayor who is personally apppointed by the Rothschilds. 'The City' is, in its own right, a sovereign state existing within the confines of the larger city of London per se', much like the Vatican is within the city of Rome.

The United Kingdom (as well as the entire European Union), is controlled, directed and governed by the powers that be within 'the City'. The British throne (the Crown), the prime minister and the UK Parliament are all fronts for the Rothschild Empire, as will the European Commission, Council and Parliament be when the EU assumes its role as global headquarters for One World Government in the not to distant future.

The fact that the richest, most powerful dynasty in the world is Jewish should explain why the current international terrorist network operates out of the US/British/Israeli triad; the very heart of International Jewry. However, the Rothschild Empire has no love for jews in general, as they were the principal financier of Hitler's Germany and the prime cause for the Nazi Holocaust. International geo-strategic and geo-political 'one world' interests come first, from their perspective.

Al-Qaida and the US/EU/Israeli so-called 'War on Terror' are all funded and directed by this International Zionist Cabal of Jewish Financiers based in London. At issue here is the use of raw force to dictate 'one world' strategem for economic and political consolidation, as well as to control and defend the empire against the masses of hungry, desperate and angry peoples of the world, whose ranks are growing rapidly.

That the Rothschilds control, influence and direct international intelligence agencies such as the CIA, NSA, GCHQ, Mossad and M16 practically a given. In fact, such a worldwide intelligence network has been the very secret, or key, to its phenomenal rise to global power this past half century.

There are only 5 nations in the world left without a Rothschild controlled central bank: Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba and Libya. Enter the so-called 'war on terror' and the real international jewish terrorist modus operendi that is about to strike Iran as they did Iraq, who was previously on that short list, but is no more.

Today, the USA is currently being set up for the fall. Targets: anti-'One World' US patriots, American freedom and independence, the US Bill of Rights, The US dollar and New York City- London's chief financial rival for world economic control, dominance and authority. NYC will most likely be "nuked" by this International Jewish Terrorist Network (under the guise of CIA/M16/Mossad sponsored Al Qaida) once America has run its course for the Jew World Order.

The very nature of securing and maintaining international power, from their perspective, is to employ every kind of diabolical, insidious, wicked and evil means of deceit, deception and terror (the motto for Israel's Mossad is 'by way of deception') in order to effectively procure their rule and reign on Earth- and this they do without remorse.

The state of Israel, though, is the crown jewel of international jewish world plans to assume the throne of global dictate. Ceasar, Fuhrer, King, Prince... whatever name or title one confers, it is a near certainty that he who will rule from Jerusalem will emerge from the House of Rothschild- the very root of international jewish terrorism.

The Anti-Christ will be Jew, sure to be a Man of fierce countenance, when he proclaims himself 'god' of this world at the end of history.


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